Dreams often work as an indicator of certain incidents that's about to happen in the future, whether it's receiving great luck or encountering grave danger.

According to Hinduism, dreaming a certain people, animals, objects or events have its own meaning. Here's how you can identify the secret messages that's hidden in your dreams:


Bride / Groom: Dreaming of a bride or groom symbolizes sorrow, disapoinment and the possibility of mourning the death of someone.

Unmarried girl: Dreaming of an unmarried girl symbolizes success and a hopeful future.

Mother: Symbolize good health and well-being. If your mother is ill in your dream, it indicates her future sickness.

Father: Symbolize love and well-being. If your father is ill in your dream, you will face great misfortune.

Baby: Nursing a baby in your dreams indicates sorrow and a sick baby symbolize that some one might die.

God: Dreaming of a spiritual entity indicates an upcoming transformation experience. A good one perhaps!

Ghost: Dreaming of a supernatural entity indicates overwhelming difficulties and a sign that your enemies will overpower you.


Bird: Seeing flying birds in your dreams indicates sorrow and misery.

Bugs: Dreaming of bugs indicates illness or people intend to cause you harm in the future.

Cat: Represents treachery and fraud. But dreaming of killing a cat means that you're about to find out who's your enemy.

Cow: Dreaming of cow is auspicious. Milking one in your dream indicates receiving great wealth and fortune.

Crow: Seeing a crow in your dream means that someone close to you is about to die or the possibilities of attending a funeral very soon.

Frog: Dreaming frog indicates a good sign as it symbolizes great success in all your endeavours.

Owl: Owl represents bad omen. Dreaming of owl can mean that you might be encounter sickness, poverty, disgrace or sorrow very soon.

Snake: Dreaming of snakes is never a good sign! It indicates that dangerous enemies are lurking to spoil your character and life.

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