A person spends approximately 6 years of their life dreaming and only remembers about 5% of them. Dream often work as a window into the future, and through the interpretation of our dreams, we can predict our fortune and destiny.

The objects, characters, emotions, and events we see in our dreams have its own hidden meaning, and here's how you can interpret them:


Accident: Dreaming of an accident indicates temporary physical pain or hardship.

Adultery: This symbolizes troubles, despair, and lost opportunities.

Wedding: Dreaming of a wedding is a bad omen. It symbolizes the death of someone and the possibility of attending a funeral.

Learning: Dreaming as though you are learning something indicates that you will attain influence and respect.

Heaven: Dreaming of heaven symbolize that your future will be spiritual and peaceful.

Hell: Seeing hell in your dream symbolizes physical and mental suffering in the future, which are caused by friends or enemies.

Journey: Journey signifies change. Dreaming of a good journey shows a positive change in the future and vice versa.

Ill: Being sick in dream suggest that you might face misfortune if you give into temptation.

Murder: Indicates your involvement in criminal activities in the future.

Fighting: Fighting in your dreams symbolizes misunderstanding.

Battle: Involving in a battle indicates possible quarrel with an acquaintance.

Corpse: Seeing a dead body in your dream indicates that you will be unhappy with your hasty decision.

Hanging: Dreaming of being hanged is a good sign. It represent rising in society and becoming wealthy

Money: Receiving money indicated receiving prosperity and giving money away shows being generous in the future.

Ocean: Calm ocean indicates a peaceful life, meanwhile, stormy ocean indicates instability.

Falling: Dreaming of falling shows insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties.

Flying: If you're flying in your dreams, you're about to achieve freedom and escape from your current pressures.

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