Malaysian horror thriller Ghora is out in the cinemas now! Directed by Devendran Arunasalam, the local movie stars G Crack Karnan, Mugen Rao, Yasmin Nadiah, Sara Baskin, Velarasan and Sathish Kumar in leading roles.

The story revolves around six college friends who embark on a road trip to a waterfall. Things start getting spooky after they return from their trip. What unravels next makes the rest of the movie!

For all horror movie buffs, get ready with your popcorn. This movie is going to be a treat. The scenes seem intense in the trailer. Check it out here:

Why is Ghora a must-watch? This is what we think after watching the trailer:

1. Scary and Thrilling

Horror has been a much-loved genre by many when watching movies. The trailer shows some serious supernatural happenings. though you can't see any ghosts or demons. Just the right amount of horror most people can handle.

2. Beautiful Friendship

Friends for life are hard to come by. The scenes in the trailer bring us to wonderful memories of college friendships.

3. Cute Love Story

A story is never complete without a little romance. Judging from the love song, we are in for quite a number of cute love scenes.

4. Great Acting

The stars are convincing in their characters and share a great chemistry with each other.

5. Support Local Talent

Making films take a lot of effort and supporting young talents will further encourage them to provide better films.

Here are what the audience who watched the movie premiere feel about Ghora:

Catch the movie in the nearest cinemas starting from today (28th June 2018)!

Photo Credit: Ghora Facebook