With the recent release of the second single, 'Chinna Chinna Kangal' from Vijay's "The Greatest of All Time," film audiences have been treated to a unique musical experience featuring the voices of Vijay and the late singer Bhavatharini. Composer Yuvan Shankar Raja and director Venkat Prabhu utilized innovative AI technology from Pitch Innovations, the same company that brought back the voices of Bamba Bakiya and Shahul Hameed for the song 'Thimiri Yezhuda' in "Lal Salaam."

TR Krishna Chetan, CEO of Pitch Innovations, revealed that they had created an AI voice model of Bamba Bakiya even before AI became mainstream.

For 'Chinna Chinna Kangal,' Krishna explained that recreating Bhavatharini's voice required specific recordings. "As we are doing a studio-quality AI model, we need original tracks of the singer's voice recording, without any sound editing such as reverb or EQ," he said. "We need the singer's voice in different pitches and multiple styles, such as a happy or sad song," he added.

Elaborating on the process, Krishna stated, "The model also requires a singer to sing a track version of the song, for it to be replicated in the desired singer's voice." He revealed that Priyanka NK sang the track version and was informed beforehand that her voice would be replaced with the AI voice of Bhavatharini.

Addressing concerns that AI might displace human jobs, Krishna emphasized that audio manipulation AI is an assistive tool. "A composer auditions a few singers before finalizing one for a song. Apart from the composer and the singer, the time and effort of sound engineers and other technicians are also involved. With AI, every singer can get an AI model of their voice, allowing the composer to try different singers and finalize easily, without wasting resources," he explained.

He further added that this technology would create opportunities for debut singers rather than hinder them. "This technology will help new singers audition at several music studios, even transcending national boundaries, and expanding their scope of opportunities," he concluded.

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Source / Image Credit : Cinema Express , Galatta Media