Deepavali represents the conquest of good over evil. During the festival, lamps are lit in every home and that is why Deepavali is also known as the ‘Festival of Lights.’

In the recent years, it has become a trend for the youths to arrange music concerts of famous artists at dawn or going on vacation with friends. So, they lose out on the opportunity of deriving spiritual benefit.

Hence, Astro Ulagam found meaningful ways for the Hindu Youths to celebrate Deepavali!

1) Usually, bath is taken before sunrise after applying oil. Praying and chanting during the day will be able to derive maximum benefit of the positive vibrations present in the atmosphere.

2) Then, family and friends are greeted on this occasion. Obeisance is paid to elders to seek for their blessings.

3) The youths can all gather along and draw Rangolī on the floor with rangoli powder to attract positive vibrations.

4) String flowers like marigold, interspersed with mango leaves can be hung as garlands at the door-step to attract Deity principle into the home.

5) The youths can join their family to fill earthen lamps with oil that marks the light of life on this wonderful day.

6) Having meals as a family on this day accompanied by stories and laughter is much more precious than anything else.

7) Share your happiness, laughter and meals through dharma which means donating to orphanage homes, old folk’s homes and don’t forget to feed the animals as well.

Hence, there is no better way to celebrate Deepavali other than sharing the joy of love, happiness, laughter and kindness with every being in this world.

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