Have you been taught about dressing up by considering the spiritual benefits or detriments?

In fact, wearing clothes as prescribed by Hindu Dharma not only helps us imbibe Divine Energies from the atmosphere, but also provide protection against negative energies.

Clothes worn by men and women as prescribed in Hindu Dharma are designed by Deities which automatically provides the energy necessary for the gross and the mental body.

Astro Ulagam found examples of clothes as prescribed by the scriptures that will give you the experience of your true identity. This information will help you to wear the clothes that reaps maximum benefit on Deepavali!

1) Kurta and Dhoti

Generates a subtle spherical protective sheath around the body of the individual and simplifies imbibing of both, the Destroyer-Saviour and the Materialized – Non materialized Principles of the Deities.

2) Kurta and Pants

Generates an elliptical which is similar to the flame of a lamp, as protective sheath around the body. Lower energy than Kurta that is worn with Dhoti.

3) Saree with Pallu being free over the left shoulder

Awakens the Shakti Principle and prevents an individual from committing sins such as unrighteous behavior.

4) Saree with folded Pallu over the right shoulder

Evidence of abiding by Dharma for the external world and enhances the spirituality but at a lower level compared to saree with free pallu.

5) Churidar with Dupatta over both the shoulders

Spirituality is enhanced lower than saree but higher than other traditional attires.

6) Churidar with Dupatta over one shoulder

The spiritual energy is present but lower than saree and churidar with dupatta over both the shoulders.

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Resource: sanatan.org, sattvikhinduism.com

Picture credit: thebigfatindianwedding.com, visit tnt