You must have heard about the spicy yet scrumptious dish, Chicken 65. This deep fried chicken has travelled far enough but the legends expand its business beyond that....

But do you know its origin and how it got this name?

While it is true that the exact origin of the name "Chicken 65" is uncertain, the claim that it was named after the year it was invented, 1965, is just one of many theories surrounding its origins. There are several other theories that attempt to explain the origin of the name.

One popular theory suggests that the dish was made with 65 different spices and hence the name "Chicken 65". However, this theory has been debunked by food historians and experts who state that using 65 different spices in a dish is highly unlikely.

Another theory suggests that the dish was originally made with 65-day-old chickens, which were believed to be the most tender and flavorful. However, this theory is also unlikely as 65-day-old chickens would be too tough to cook and eat.

There are also theories that suggest that the dish was originally made with 65 pieces of chicken or that it was the 65th item on a menu. However, these theories also lack any conclusive evidence.

But the WIDELY ACCEPTED reason to date is….

Chicken 65 was created in 1965 by the Buhari Hotel in Chennai, which was known for its excellent food and was frequented by locals and travelers alike.

The hotel was established by a man named AM Buhari and according to several sources, it was the first place to introduce fine dining in Madras (now known as Chennai). Previously it was served as Chicken 78 and 82, and currently they serves it as Chicken 90.

Mr. Buhari’s dish proved to be extremely popular, so it wasn’t long before he created vegetarian options, including Gobi 65, Aloo 65, and Paneer 65.

Image Credit: Masala and Chai