A thespian storyteller who is known to weave a good narrative along with the audience's interest. One of the gems from the Kollywood industry is National Award-winning filmmaker Vetri Maaran, and we can’t help but take a look at all the masterpieces churned out from his stable.

With his latest flick, Viduthalai Part 1 - a brilliant political genre has left the entire audience spellbound. There’s no doubt that the gem will always give the best to his fans!

Speaking about his approach to directing films, we always have a plethora of questions about how Vetri Maaran strikes a fine balance between art and commerce.

Strong storytelling and realistic characters

He believes that audiences are drawn to films that can connect with them on an emotional level and that such films have the potential to be commercially successful.

Great stories - Adapting from novels

Maaran believes that some average novels can be turned into great movies if they have a strong visual quality or lend themselves well to being adapted for the screen. As we all know, Asuran is adapted from a novel (Vekkai). His interest in adapting Tamil literature for the big screen reflects his passion for storytelling and his desire to bring important works of literature to a wide audience. By approaching each adaptation with careful consideration of the cinematic qualities of the source material, he has been able to create power-packed films that resonate with audiences both artistically and commercially.

Advice for aspiring filmmakers

Filmmaking is writing….

Writing is an essential aspect of filmmaking, and aspiring filmmakers should focus on writing scripts over and over again. He acknowledges that he has the freedom to make a film without writing but he believes that consistently writing scripts is necessary to maintain his creative form, similar to how a cricketer must practice footwork to maintain their form.

Vetrimaaran's approach to filmmaking is grounded in storytelling and an understanding of the business side of the industry. He strives to create films that are both artistically satisfying and commercially successful, and he has been successful in doing so.

Image Credit / Source: The Indian Express