When on a budget but in need of a getaway, a road trip can be the ideal solution. It was months back since the Malaysian man shared his experience of traveling around the entirety of Peninsular Malaysia in under two weeks.

Malaysian traveler and content creator, Hazwan Hafiz, known for exploring rare and beautiful locales in the nation, embarked on an impressive journey he termed “Cik Kiah’s Group Trip to Conquer Semenanjung Malaysia.” Accompanied by his parents, Hazwan covered a total of 2,914 kilometres.

Starting and ending in Kedah, the family opted for scenic, winding roads over well-known highways. Hazwan noted that they were able to cross into a different state each day of their 12-day trip.

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Breaking down the costs of their journey, Hazwan detailed their expenses as follows:

1. Petrol: RM410 (using a 2014 Honda City)

2. Accommodation: RM1,163 (for three people)

3. Food and Drinks: RM923 (for three people)

In total, the family spent RM2,496 for the entire trip.

Hazwan emphasized that the total cost of the trip can vary based on several factors, including the duration of travel, accommodation choices, and dining preferences. “Everyone has different preferences. Some may prefer roadside stalls, while others might opt for restaurants. Personally, I don’t mind either, so costs can vary significantly,” he explained in his post.

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Additionally, Hazwan highlighted that the type of vehicle used can influence travel expenses. For example, driving an SUV or MPV might be more fuel-efficient than a sedan. He also noted that traveling with more people can reduce individual costs through shared expenses.

Source : Worldofbuzz, Hazwanhfiz