Knowing what to do when faced with heart attack symptoms can be handy as it can save your life especially when you’re alone!

So, Astro Ulagam found tips for you to survive heart attack when you’re alone. Remember to share these tips with your family and friends to save their lives as well.

1) Identify the Most Common Symptoms

Chest discomfort such as tightness, heaviness, pressure, burning, aching, fullness, numbness or squeezing. As for women, the symptoms are jaw pain, upper back pain, pain that extends to the arm, uncommon fatigue and sleeping difficulties.

2) Chew Aspirin

It is very effective to chew a single 325 mg non-enteric covered aspirin tablet during 30 minutes of your first symptoms. It helps to slow down the development of blood clots that could further more hinder your arteries during a heart attack.

3) Remain Calm

Keep your heart rate at a calm pace because hastening around or placing yourself in a frightening situation can aggravate the problem. Relax as much as possible.

4) Lay Down

Lie on your back and raise your legs upward. This relaxes the diaphragm for you to breathe and supplies oxygen to your blood.

5) Take Deep, Steady Breaths of Fresh Air

The best way to preserve a stable source of oxygen to your blood and heart is to take gentle, deep breaths. Make sure to come out of a congested place for fresh air.

Picture credit:, & unitypoint health