We drive pass dozens of signboards on our commute daily, be it on federal road or the highway.

They may look the same, but there are many different types of signboards, explained below for your information.

1) Blue signboard

This means the road is toll-free.

2) Green signboard

This means the complete opposite. Meaning the road is a toll-paying one.

3) Numbers only

If you see a signboard with white text on green background, it means that they are federal roads.

4) Signboard with the letter 'E'

This refers to a highway.

5) Road sign with letter and numbers

This refers to state roads.

6) Green on white, white on brown

There would be times you come across white signboard with green text, or white text on brown background. This refers to tourist attraction area.

7) Names from top to bottom

Ever wondered why the names of places are arranged in a certain way on signboards. There's a meaning behind this. The name in the top of the signboard are the furthest from the point of the signboard, while the bottom spot is the nearest.

8) Black text with white background

When you see one of these, it means you are in a town area.

9) Yellow text on green background

When you come across one of these, it means the place referred to has government buildings.

There you go, some of the meanings of signboards you come across daily, but never knew the significance of.

Source: Malaysia Food & Travel
Photo source: Malaysia Food & Travel, pandulaju.com.my