Remember "human calculator" Yaashwin Sarawanan who wowed the judges and audiences alike with amazing mental calculation skills in 2019's "Asia's Got Talent", and went on to win the second prize?

The 17-year-old has now released a book called "Human Calculator- Be Your Own Calculator", so that others too, can become a mental arithmetic champion like him, reported RojakDaily.

"This book purely outlines what I have learned throughout the years of receiving mental math knowledge. However, in order to completely grasp the techniques, constant practice is certainly required," he was quoted telling the portal.

According to him, one does not have to master math before attempting mental math, as basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions" would do.

"This book teaches abacus and mental arithmetic, not Mathematics like how the school syllabus is. This book also contains other tricks I have performed on 'Asia's Got Talent' and 'Astro Ceria Megastar' stage, such as calendar problems (guessing any day of the week), fifth roots ( retracing the original number that has been multiplied five times ) and many more!"

Surprisingly, Yaashwin revealed that he was not initially not really good in mathematics.

Once the fear for the subject is removed, then learning would become easier, he added.

For those thinking that math is all about boring numbers, Yaashwin and the book's publisher, White Coat Effect, have framed the book in a comic-book like format, to up the appeal factor.

The idea was conceived when Yaashwin was trying to teach the publisher's in-house illustrator Farish mental math to illustrate the book.

"It was his idea to convert the book into a comic so that it would have a better appeal instead of being a typical boring math book."

Penning the book was a great way to share his knowledge, as many, including his own parents, have requested to do so, he added.

If you wish to become a mental math expert like Yaashwin, or would like your kids to acquire similar skills, you can order the "Human Calculator- Be Your Own Calculator" at this website, for only RM25 each.

Although the book is only available in Malay for now, it could be printed in English and other languages if there is demand, said Yaashwin.

Article & Photos source: RojakDaily