Venkatesh Bhat is widely recognized for his culinary expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. As the CEO of Accord Hotels & Resorts by day and a culinary maestro by evening, he seamlessly transitions between the boardroom and the kitchen.

Chef Bhat has recently been making waves on the new cooking show, "Top Cooku Dupe Cooku." His latest video, sharing insights about his journey to success, has captured our hearts with his valuable advice. Watch the full video below:

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His television career skyrocketed with the hit show "Samayal Samayal with Venkatesh Bhat" (2014-2018), captivating audiences with his cooking skills and engaging personality. He further expanded his reach through appearances on shows like "Cooku with Comali" (2019) and "Cooku with Kirikku" (2021).

While Chef Bhat recently stepped down as a judge on "Cooku with Comali," his culinary journey continues with the new show, "Top Cooku Dupe Cooku."

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