Zack* had been happily married for 15 years. His position as a Project Manager required him to travel overseas extensively to oversee a project his company was working on. He earned well, was a good husband and provided for his wife.

His marital bliss came to an end one day when one of his business trip was cut short and upon reaching home, he discovered that his wife was having an extra marital affair with his friend. While he was hurt with his wife’s behaviour, he decided to give their relationship as husband and wife another chance. Things only got from bad to worse there on. Finally, Zack decided that it was best for both of them to go their separate ways in life and their relationship ultimately ended in a divorce.

Upon finalisation of the divorce, Zack decided that he was going to move on with his life. Slowly, he started making small changes in his life to divert his mind from his ex-wife. However, his action plan was halted when he got three credit card statements with a total of RM32,000. These were for the supplementary cards he had given his ex-wife.

Zack ensured that he paid his own credit cards in full every month and was careful with his expenditure. Even though he had the intention of cancelling all his ex-wife’s supplementary cards, he had not done so because he was preoccupied with the divorce proceedings. His ex-wife gave him a parting gift by withdrawing cash using the cash advance feature on credit cards right before the finalisation of the divorce.

Though he was prudent and his personal finances were in order, Zack knew that he would not be able to pay this large outstanding amount in full. After much deliberation, he decided to approach AKPK.

The counsellor at AKPK was very sympathetic to Zack’s predicament and worked out a comprehensive monthly budget while taking into account his other expenses. After that, he was enrolled into AKPK’s Debt Management Programme to have the credit card debts restructured with all three banks.

Zack was glad to receive AKPK’s assistance in managing the debts accumulated by his ex-wife. He is now on his way to pick up the pieces of his life and move on to a better future.

*The names specified in these stories have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved. These success stories are meant to merely provide information on AKPK's services and lessons on money management.