Singer Iris Perrine rose to fame after becoming the first runner-up of Vaanavil Superstar. She entered the Malaysian entertainment industry as a plus-size woman, however before her Superstar fame, Iris used to be slim.

In an exclusive interview last year, Iris revealed how 'beauty has more voice than talent' and being a plus-size artist never stopped her from performing on-stage and entertaining the audience.

Recently, this vibrant singer posted about her weight loss journey on Facebook and her photos went viral. When we contacted her again, she opened up about her struggles with weight and a heartbreaking loss in 2018 which triggered the transformation.

"I was at my heaviest when it happened. I was pregnant again, after 10 years. The doctor said that my pregnancy was outside the womb most probably because of my weight. I lost my babies after 3 months, they were suspected to be triplets," Iris revealed.

That was her turning point in life. Iris was determined to take care of herself after the incident. She wanted to be healthy and get back in shape. Her journey began at the end of 2018.

Iris didn't make any drastic changes overnight. She took one step at a time. Firstly, she started taking proper medication for her health problems as prescribed by her doctor.

Then, she realised how her breakfast was heavy and unhealthy, but it was not easy to go cold turkey for the sake of losing weight. From 'Teh Tarik', Iris switched to 'Teh O' with less sugar.

"In four months, I was drinking tea without any sugar in it. I tried changing my eating habits slowly. First, I only ate one healthy meal. Then, I stopped eating heavy for dinner. As of now, I'm not eating rice at all," Iris explained.

Building a habit was key in her weight loss transformation. As her lifestyle changed, the numbers on her weighing scale went down. From 110kg, Iris has now gone down to 86kg.

"I still haven't reached my goal. My mother and husband have been very supportive of me in this journey. They are happy that I'm taking care of myself," she added.

As for workouts, Iris just began her routine. During her heavier times, exercising strained her knees. Now that the weight loss has slowed down, she feels that its a great time to start with light exercises.

Iris wants to reach her target weight by the end of 2019 and walk into 2020 as a new person. While her size has always been her identity as a star, Iris believes she has been plus-size ever since her entry into the industry and it's time for people see her in a new avatar.

"Some people ask me why I lose weight. They think I'm cute and I'm famous because of the way I look and perform on-stage. But, when I look back, is it what I really want?" Iris questioned.

Now, Iris can fit into clothes that she never wear for years. She proudly wears saree every week to temple. She has never felt better!

We wish all the best to Iris in her beautiful self-discovery and weight loss journey. Stay tuned on Astro Ulagam to find out what happens!