Local figure skating champion C. Sree Abiraame has secured the top spot in the Cubs B girls’ free-skating category of the Tallinn Trophy 2021 in Estonia.

The nine-year-old amassed 23.49 points to emergence champion, ahead of eight skaters in the competition, which took place yesterday.

Home skaters Emilia Dratshenko, and Tatiana Izymnikova placed second, and third, respectively.

The young skater, who has been training in Latvia since March last year, thanked Malaysians for their support, in a brief video posted on her official Facebook page.

It is worth noting that Sree Abiraame recently secured a bronze medal in the Thomas Cup in Lithuania on Nov 11.

Sree Abiraame already has more than 50 gold medals in the field of figure skating under her belt.

In addition, she has also secured a sport in the Asia Book of Records as the Youngest to Win Medals in International Figure Skating in 2019, and Malaysia Book of Records as the Youngest to Win "Skate Asia" Figure Skating Competition (Female) in 2017.

Source: Sree Abiraame Facebook
Photo source: Sree Abiraame Facebook