Nowadays, many youngsters can hardly appreciate having a job in a cosy air-conditioned office, let alone one that requires them to be out in the open, in the scorching sun and the pouring run.

Octogenarian Chandran can put folks like these to shame. At 83, he is still plying his trade, selling idiappam on his motorcycle, at the Taman Melawati neighbourhood in Ulu Klang, Selangor.

Chandran's untiring vigour was highlighted by Facebook user Pakeer Oothuman on his Facebook recently.

According to Pakeer, Chandran is highly energetic and industrious, and covers an area of 2 km daily around the neighbourhood, on his trusty motorbike, to sell the idiappam his 76-year-old wife makes at their home nearby.

"People like him are not easy to come by.

"He has children who are successful graduates - one girl a doctor, and another managing a mall near Meenambakkam airport in Tamil Nadu. By any account Mr Chandran is well-off," wrote Pakeer.

IDIAPPAM MAN Physically Mr. Chandran is a senior man, but in person a bundle of energy and most industrious man. People...

Posted by Pakeer Oothuman on Wednesday, 30 September 2020
Despite this, Chandran does not want to stop working, yet.

According to Pakeer, he once asked Chandran about why he still risks his safety by riding a motorcycle to earn a living, when he can enjoy his retirement.

To this, Chandran quipped: "My children want me to quit and stay with them. But how to sit at home and do nothing? Idiappam keeps me alert!" Pakeer wrote.

Chandran is apparently well liked in the neighbourhood, with many slowing down their cars when they hear his motorbike horn around.

"Hats off to Mr Chandran and the like, for they are an inspiration to both young and old," wrote Pakeer.

The post is gaining traction on social media, gaining more than 80 likes and about 15 shares, since it was uploaded earlier this morning.

Photo source: Pakeer Oothuman Facebook