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Images via GSC; Edited by Ulagam
When Top Gun was released, everyone went crazy over the movie. Perhaps it’s because of Tom Cruise, but many people were seriously impressed by the storyline and jets!
Well, guess what… Malaysia has a movie that’s just as impressive—Air Force The Movie: Selagi Bernyawa!

Here are 8 reasons why you should totally check out Air Force The Movie:

#1 Jumping out of planes! We don’t really get to do that at all…

When was the last time you jumped out of an aeroplane? Probably never because it’s not exactly something we can do every day.
In one scene, after the plane got shot down by a missile, the passengers have no choice but to jump out of the burning aircraft onto a dangerous land called Namburi!

#2 Suspenseful fight scenes that make you hold your breath

Due to having landed on enemy lands, the passengers, some of whom are soldiers a.k.a PASKAU, have to get themselves and the journalists they were escorting back to safety.
They have no choice but to defend themselves, resulting in epic fight scenes.

#3 Jaw-dropping flight sequences like in Top Gun


While the soldiers and journalists are stranded in the strange land, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) sets out their best fighter pilots to rescue the lost Malaysians.
If you think only Hollywood can show you amazing flight sequences, then prepare to be wowed by Air Force The Movie too!

#4 Every uniform is designed based on the real thing!


The directors and producers of the movie didn’t just film this movie based on some internet research. They actually sought the counsel of TUDM members throughout the entire filming process!

#5 All the weapons are prepared by the armoury so they’re real AF!


Just like the uniform and rank badges, even the aircraft, weapons and bombs are similar to what our real uniformed bodies use. The film crew really wanted to show authenticity and depict what our country’s military uses (and does!) as realistically as possible.

#6 The movie is race AND gender-blind!

Image via GSC; Edited by HITZ
Yep, we’re looking at Malaysians of different races and lots of powerful women in the movie. If you’re all for female empowerment, you can see how even women can take charge and make a great impact in our military.

#7 The movie touches on family, friendship, mental health, humanity and more!


It’s not just all about action… the movie touches on deeper subjects that’ll really open your eyes to how we view our loved ones and our lives.
Some scenes will make you appreciate what you have better while other scenes will open your eyes to the sacrifice that our armies have put to protect our country and rakyat.

#8 Feel the love for Negaraku on a deeper level


Besides the fact that it was filmed locally in multiple places across Malaysia—which shows how awesome our country’s landscape is—the movie presents how amazing our country is in so many other aspects too.
From a mix of races to passionate military personnel who are willing to fight for our rakyat despite not knowing us personally, it incites a deeper love for Nageraku.

Watch it at your nearest cinema for National Day!

The movie came out on 25th August 2022 and will be showing for a couple of weeks (or more!) so make sure you head over to your nearest GSC and get your tickets ASAP!
Make it a family outing or a fun hangout sesh with your friends because it’s definitely something you’d want to watch with a group of people!

Check out your fave cinema’s website for tickets and more info on Air Force The Movie.
Meanwhile, here’s the music video of the movie’s OST. The song will really get you rocking out!