As per our previous article on Aadi Ammavasai, although the majority of the Hindu community avoids auspicious ceremonies during the month of Aadi, which falls between 17th July and 18th August 2023, our ancestors believed in certain rituals that are significant during this month. Here are a few of the most important celebrations and rituals that occur during the month of Aadi.

Aadi Pirappu (1st day of Aadi Month)

The first day of Aadi is observed as Aadi Pirappu which means the beginning of the month. On the first day of Aadi, married women change the yellow thread in their Mangalsutra or thali.

Aadi Chevvai - 18th July, 25th July, 1st Aug, 8th Aug, 15th July

Tuesdays are exceptionally divine for Goddess Durga, and during the auspicious Aadi month, they become even more extraordinary!

Generally, Tuesdays are auspicious for Goddess Durga and in the month of Aadi, women perform special rituals in Durga temples to ensure the happiness and well-being of their family members. Usually, women are advised to visit a Durga temple near them and bring a garland made of Arali Poo and special lamps made of lemon or rice flour. The items are then presented to the goddess seeking Her blessings.

Alternatively, those who can't visit temples can perform the same ritual at home and pray to the goddess.

Aadi Velli - 21st July, 28th July, 4th Aug & 11th Aug

Worshiping Goddess Shakti on Aadi Velli is a time-honoured tradition that holds immense significance. As you embark on your spiritual journey during the Aadi month, Fridays become even more auspicious for honoring and remembering your ancestors. Devoting yourself to this practice fills your heart with gratitude and reverence toward those who came before you.
Aadi Perukku (Padhinettam Perukku) - August 3rd

Adiperukku is a festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi - a Thanksgiving festival dedicated to mother nature. “Padinettam perukku” – Padinettu signifies eighteen, and Perukku denotes rising.

It is also synonymous with newlyweds replacing and renewing the thali string, which is the sacred yellow string tied by the groom to the bride during a traditional Hindu wedding. On these days, married women replace the yellow string on their Thali with the hopes of getting an abundance of happiness after worshipping Goddess Amman at temples located near river banks.

Once the women receive their new thali string from elderly married women, who bless them to live a long, prosperous married life, the old thali strings will be left in the river or other bodies of water frequented by the couple.

Aadi Krithigai (Aug 9, 2023)

A festival is dedicated to Lord Muruga or Balasubramaniyan. Legend has it that Lord Shiva released six flames from his third eye, which were carefully nurtured by the Karthigai Pengal in the Sarvana pond. These flames miraculously transformed into six beautiful babies.

In a divine twist of fate, Goddess Parvati lovingly embraced the six babies, merging them into a single form with six faces. Thus, Lord Muruga, the epitome of valor and intellect, came into existence, radiating boundless energy and wisdom.

To honour this celestial birth, Goddess Parvati bestowed her blessings upon the Karthigai Pengal, assuring them of a special pooja to be held for Lord Muruga on the auspicious Krittika star days. This divine promise signifies the sacred bond between Lord Muruga and his devotees, inviting all to partake in the joyous festivities and experience the divine presence firsthand.

Aadi Amavasai (New moon day of Aadi Month) - 17th July & 16th August

Aadi Ammavasai is a special day to connect to your innermost self. It's the dark, or waning, phase of every lunar month, and this period is especially conducive to connecting with your Higher Self. The New Moon Day - Ammavasai - is the perfect time to reach out to your ancestors and facilitate communication.

Aadi Pooram - 22nd July

The auspicious month of Aadi is dedicated to Goddess Shakti - the embodiment of power and strength. It is believed that Goddess Parvati herself descends to the earth on this day to bless her devotees. On this day, rituals are conducted in all the Shakti temples to celebrate Parvati's attainment of womanhood and devotion to Goddess Shakti.

Varalakshmi Pooja (Aug 25, 2023)

A significant Hindu festival commemorating Goddess Lakshmi. The Varalakshmi vratham or fast is mostly followed by married women who want to obtain from Varalakshmi, a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. Varalakshmi bestows ‘Var’ or ‘Varam’ boons.

Embrace the sacredness of this tradition and allow the grace of Goddess Shakti to illuminate your path, bringing abundance, joy, and fulfillment to every aspect of your life.

Source / Image Credit: AstroVed, Hindu Blog