Guys, with less than 48 hours to witness the mega-hyped concert in 2023, we couldn't believe that it's happening tomorrow after a gap of 6 years.

Yes, `A. R Rahman - Secret of Success - Live in Malaysia 2023' is all set to take place tomorrow at the Bukit Jalil Stadium, and the #AllZones gate opens at 5 PM!

To those who are still wondering what guidelines need to be followed or which route to use to get through the stadium, check out the full list here:

1. Directory video of #AllZone Gate

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2. LRT operations have been EXTENDED till 2AM!

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3. Prohibited Items

4. #AllZones gate opens at 5 PM

5. Avoid Pocket Seats in Between

6. NO admission for child below than 6 years

And that's all for now. Astro Ulagam will keep you in the loop for further updates and let's ROCK THE SHOW!