Marriages cost a fortune these days! Families view marriages as a way to flaunt their wealth and stature. It's commonly perceived that the more grand and luxurious the celebration of a wedding is, the more prestige the couple and their families gain among their relatives and friends.

However, this Indian couple, Ashok and Alageswari from the village Kallur in Veppur decided to defy the norms and opt for a traditional, environment-friendly wedding.

They are strong believers of preserving the rich Tamil culture and traditions, thus have been actively involved in initiatives promoting ancestral medicine, traditional methods of agriculture and a sustainable lifestyle for over 5 years.

Back at where they are from, humans and animals like elephants are at war to preserve their fundamental rights and habitats. To raise awareness of their struggle and to change the perception of weddings in their community, the couple decided to get married in the most traditional and sustainable manner.

Instead of printed banners and posters, the wedding location was decorated using paintings of the aborigines and visuals of elephants drawn on huge cloths. The chairs were made of straw while their garlands were created using dried palm leaves.

As for the wedding food, guests were served with healthy dishes which incorporated traditional grains, vegetables and herbs. Instead of cold drinks or hot beverages, coconut water, coconut milk and hibiscus juice were available. Folk dances and performances entertained the guests instead of Kollywood songs.

Their simple wedding turned out to be a grand expression of their respect for tamil traditions, appreciation of the nature and its abundace and their support for the rights of elephants. We wish the best for the newly-married and their mind-blowing initiave. Here's a glimpse of their wedding:

Source: Sun Tv