India’s second-richest man, Azim Premji, has pledged a massive $7.5 billion to charity.

One of India's most generous billionaires, Premji’s donation comes in the form of him pledging 34% of his company, Wipro’s, shares to help the needy.

This isn’t the first time Premji has given to the less fortunate - to date, he has donated about $21 billion to charity, especially to help the less fortunate receive a good education.

He was among the first Indians to sign the Giving Pledge in 2013, an initiative started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to encourage the rich to commit 50% of their fortune to philanthropic work.

He gives to charity via the Azim Premji Foundation, which is among the largest charitable bodies in the world.

Azim's foundation works towards providing education in rural parts of India and also to improve the quality of the public government schooling system throughout the country. At the moment, the foundation's field work is spread across Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Puducherry, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and more.

Azim is indeed an exemplary philanthropist, a person each and every one of us should look up to.

Source: NDTV and CNN
Image credit: bwdisrupt.businessworld