We were absolutely astounded by the exciting response to the Audition Phase of INNOVATHON!

With an overwhelming number of 1,000+ entries, both online and walk-in participants, it's clear to see that Malaysians from various backgrounds are determined to showcase their imaginative ideas on a national platform. Malaysians from various backgrounds seized the opportunity to contribute their innovative ideas, proving that the spirit of innovation is alive and thriving across the nation.

Get ready to tune in soon as INNOVATHON, a reality TV program, is coming to your home screens - and here's why you won't want to miss it:

Inspiring & witness creative innovations

INNOVATHON, a reality show that focuses on fueling innovation and showcasing groundbreaking ideas. You'll witness a diverse range of innovators and entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries of technology, science, and creativity. Their unique perspectives and innovative solutions will undoubtedly inspire you to think outside the box and spark your creative ideas.

Latest trends in cutting-edge technologies

The show offers a glimpse into the latest cutting-edge technologies and advancements in various fields. From artificial intelligence and robotics to renewable energy and healthcare, INNOVATHON brings together experts and contestants who are at the forefront of these fields. Through the show, you'll stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, expanding your knowledge of emerging technologies.

High-stakes competition among the contestants

INNOVATHON is not just about showcasing innovation; it's also a highly competitive reality show. Contestants are put through intense challenges and tasks, pushing them to their limits and encouraging them to come up with innovative solutions under pressure. Witnessing this high-stakes competition can be exhilarating, as you watch talented individuals navigate obstacles and showcase their problem-solving skills.

Collaboration and networking kind of projects

INNOVATHON brings together a diverse group of contestants from various backgrounds, industries, and expertise. As they collaborate and work together on innovative projects, you'll witness the power of teamwork and the benefits of cross-disciplinary collaboration. By watching the show, you'll gain insights into effective collaboration techniques and witness the formation of valuable connections among the contestants.

Educational and inspirational

INNOVATHON is not just entertainment; bringing together minds from all walks of life, is also an educational and inspirational programme. Yes, as it states - spectators can learn about different areas of innovation, gain insights into problem-solving techniques, and be inspired by the determination and passion of the participants. The show has the potential to spark interest in innovation and entrepreneurship among viewers of all ages.

There’s no denying that, INNOVATHON is an exciting yet must-watch reality show for anyone interested in innovation, technology, and creativity. Premiering on 15 July on Astro Ria (CH 104) at 9 PM, don’t miss to tune in for a one-of-a-kind experience and be ready to be inspired by the innovative ideas brought to life on this unique reality TV show.