INNOVATHON, a groundbreaking show that celebrates creativity and innovation, recently concluded its auditions across the country. With an impressive number of more than 1,000 entries, a combination of online submissions and walk-in participants, the overwhelming response reflects the enthusiasm among Malaysians to showcase their imaginative ideas on a national platform.

The show has captivated individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of age or race and it sheds light on the top 70 ideas that have garnered praise from the esteemed panel of judges, as well as the widespread talkability of the show on various social media platforms.

Furthermore, the participants received for INNOVATHON attests to the show's broad appeal, attracting a diverse range of participants from all corners of Malaysian society. The auditions were not limited to any particular age group or race, demonstrating that creativity knows no boundaries. Malaysians from various backgrounds seized the opportunity to contribute their innovative ideas, proving that the spirit of innovation is alive and thriving across the nation.

Top 70 Ideas that Impressed the Judges….

The panel of judges for INNOVATHON faced the challenging task of reviewing the numerous entries and selecting the most promising ideas. Among the 1,0oo plus participants, 70 ideas stood out, impressing the judges with their ingenuity, practicality, and potential to make a significant impact in various sectors. The selected ideas span a wide range of fields, including technology, healthcare, sustainability, education, and more. By highlighting these outstanding concepts, INNOVATHON aims to inspire others and showcase the exceptional talent pool of Malaysian innovators.

The resounding success of INNOVATHON's auditions, with over 1,000 entries received, reflects the excitement and eagerness of Malaysians to participate in a show that celebrates creativity and innovation. The auditions have attracted individuals from diverse backgrounds, highlighting the inclusivity and wide-reaching appeal of the program.

Perhaps, the selection of the top 70 ideas by the esteemed panel of judges further underscores the abundance of talent and groundbreaking concepts in Malaysia. With the auditions creating a buzz on social media platforms, INNOVATHON is poised to inspire a new wave of innovation, encouraging Malaysians to explore their creative potential and contribute to the nation's progress.