Today is International Women's Day, the day we celebrate the fairer sex in our lives.

Be it mother, sister, wife, or daughter, women in any form have undeniably made huge changes in our lives.

Here are 10 interesting facts about women that you may want to know about:

1) Women are biologically sensitive to high pitched noises. This is so that they can hear their offspring even when they are asleep.

2) Everyone knows that men take more risks than women. This is because women have bigger anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) in their brains, which prevents them from jumping into danger.

3) Women can better smell when something is fishy because they have a better sense of smell than men.

4) Women have thicker cerebral cortex than men, which makes them think more rationally.

5) Women can see about 20 percent more colour than men, due to a genetic mutation.

6) The female brain is about nine percent smaller than their male counterpart, but has an equal number of brain cells.

7) Women have larger pupils in their eyes and blink 19 times in a minute, compared to men who blink only 11 times a minute.

8) This is a given, but women do speak more than men. Females speak about 13,000 more words than men on a daily basis.

9) Women get drunk faster than men not because they have smaller physique than men. This is because the female body has less water in its tissuey, which is also why women sweat lesser than men.

10) Women cry on average between 30 and 64 times a year, while men do it only six to 17 times. Must be something to do with the mega serials!

There you go, some interesting facts about women that you may, or may not already know. One thing for certain is that the humanity should be forever indebted to the womenfolk, because without them, none of us will be here.

Happy International Women's Day!

Photo source: Pexels