The internet is in love with an off-duty fireman who saved the life of a woman attempting to jump off the Penang bridge on Saturday evening.

Meet Muhammad Syahir Jamaludin, 31, who's currently attached to the Jalan Perak Fire and Rescue Station.

According to reports, Muhammad Syahir was on the way home on the island from Seberang Prai about 3pm when he spotted a commotion on the bridge.

He saw a crowd gathered behind a woman who was attempting to jump off the bridge, with some of them coaxing her not to take the plunge.

Realizing that time was crucial as one slight step could send the woman to a watery grave, Muhammad Syahir put his skills as a fireman of 12 years and quickly pulled her off the ledge. He was then joined in by several bystanders, who pulled the woman to safety.

For his quick thinking, heroic feat, Muhammad Syahir was gifted with a special certificate of recognition by the Housing and Local Government Ministry, in conjunction with the 2022 World Firefighters’ Day Celebration yesterday.

A worthy recognition for a real life hero indeed. Kudos and thanks to Muhammad Syahir for his quick thinking.

If there are more civil servants who are willing to go beyond the line of duty like Muhammad Syahir, the country will be a better place indeed.

Source: Bernama, Facebook
Photos & Video source: Fire and Rescue Services Department Facebook