The chaotic floods over the weekend have truly brought out the heroes in ordinary men.

One of them is Azwan Omar, who drove all the way down from Melaka to the Klang Valley, to help out with rescue efforts.

His noble work caught the eyes of Twitteratis, who have since chipped in to pay him back in kind.

According to a photo attached with the Twitter post yesterday night which highlighted his work, Azwan drove down all the way with a boat tied to the roof of his Perodua Viva.

Once here, he first helped out at Shah Alam, before heading to Puchong to do the same. Azwan then headed back to Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam, which is one of the places hit worst by the calamity, to continue with rescue efforts.
Despite his humungous efforts, not once did Azwan advertise his efforts or post a selfie while doing so. Only when some people found out where he had come from and offered to pay him some money to cover the petrol costs, among others, did he pass his bank account number.

Even then, Azwan said that he would channel the money to those affected by the floods.

Netizens have won the hearts of netizens, and rightfully so. Some compared him to politicians, who were barely seen on ground zero, but post scores of photos "monitoring" rescue efforts, while others were completely absent from the picture.

A very laudable effort indeed, sir. Azwan is just one of the heroes and heroines that have come out to help strangers across racial and religious barriers, during this flood tragedy.

Photo source: Twitter, Malay Mail