Indeed, a fantastic news, dear Astro customers!

You can now subscribe to Astro Fibre 500Mbps at an incredible rate of only RM90 per month, and here's the best part – this unbeatable price is fixed for a generous 24-month period, resulting in savings exceeding RM2,000!

Whether you opt for 500Mbps or other available speeds, you'll enjoy exclusive rebates and a complimentary upgrade, ensuring an enhanced online experience for you and your family, featuring seamless browsing, gaming, and streaming. The convenience of consolidating all services into one bill adds to the simplicity of managing your subscriptions.

Additionally, Astro Fibre brings a host of benefits, including:

- *FREE WiFi 6 Router*: Experience the latest in wireless technology for improved connectivity.
- *FREE Installation*: A hassle-free setup process handled by our professional team.
- *FREE Astro Fibre App*: Monitor your kids' Internet usage and network performance effortlessly.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Upgrade to Astro Fibre today and elevate your digital experience!

For existing Astro Fibre customers, please sign into the Astro Store or MyAstro App for further details and exclusive offers.