Tick tick boom!

Indeed, a great piece of news as the appointment of Ipoh-born Eason Raja as the High Court judge in England marks a new milestone in the country’s history.

With that being said, Eason's appointment will fill a vacancy in the High Court following elevations to the Court of Appeal and confirmed retirements, which will come into effect on April 18.

Eason Rajah's late father Datuk NT Rajah who was also a senior lawyer definitely would have been proud of his achievements.

Prior to becoming a Queen's Counsel (now King's Counsel) in 2011, Eason practiced general chancery law before specializing in international trust and estate disputes. He was authorized to serve as a High Court judge in 2020 after being appointed a recorder in 2016, the first step on the judicial ladder.

His appointment as a High Court judge is a significant achievement and a reflection of his legal expertise and experience. Congratulations and best wishes for your new venture.

Image Credit / Source: The Star