This article will cover the advantages of buying a house from two aspects - financial, investment point of view, as well as non financial, owner-occupier point of view.

As an investment

- Property investment is relatively stable because property values generally appreciate over time. Investing in a home is much less volatile compared to stocks and shares that greatly fluctuate in price.

Easier to get bank approvals

- Banks view residential property investment as relatively stable. Thus, they are more willing to lend towards residential purchase over other assets like commercial factories or warehouses. First time homebuyers should have an easier time getting approvals from banks.

Easier than stocks and shares

- Investing in stock market can be tricky and understanding how it works is just the tip of the iceberg, which ultimately, if done wrong, can lead to a disaster. Property investing is easier and research can be done by simply surfig the internet.

Rental income

- A fair amount of people use home ownership as means to make extra income. They purchase properties and rent them out, using the rental income to finance their monthly mortgage payments. This is a great way to build assets and increase wealth. The supply and demand of the Malaysian rental property over the years indicate that there is a healthy demand for rental properties.

Retirement fund

- As a long-term investment, the value of your home generally appreciates over time, well into your golden age. Property investment is a great way to increase wealth and build a nest egg for your retirement, whether in capital gain upon selling or rental income as pension fund. The good news is, 20-30 years down the road, the value of a home will increase and you will get to earn more each year.


- After you have had a good life and passed on, the home you purchased some 30 years ago can still continue to give. Depending on the legal structure of your property, your children would be able to inherit and they can continue to reap the ever-growing investment.

Tangible asset

- Investing in properties is much more secure and tangible. Physically, you can evaluate your home before making a purchase unlike stocks and shares which are just figures on the computer screen.

Now let's look at the non-financial benefits from the owner-occupier point of view.


-Sometimes we often overlook the sense of freedom when we have achieved one of our major life goals. Many first-time home buyers experience a feeling of great accomplishment and usually all other goals which they have set out to achieve, become effortless.


- Naturally, when you choose a place to stay, it is usually in an area you are familiar and comfortable with. A buyer purchases a home that is convenient, close to public transportation hubs if they do not own a car, and close to public amenities like shopping malls and grocery stores. This provides you ease of life and better wellbeing.

Sense of belonging

- The residential area where you will settle in becomes your community. Overtime, you will feel more attached and develop a sense of belonging to the surrounding area and the people living next to you. Active participation in attending town hall and committee meetings, something you rarely do, become a priority. Purchasing property for the first time means you are making a big decision in your life. A sign of maturity with a strong commitment and stability allows you to think of the future and taking it to take the next step.

A safe haven

- Freedom, safety and happiness is the sanctuary of a home and it is essential to starting a family. No more worries from landlord concerning redecorating or renovating to accommodate your family needs. Even the children need not to worry that they will suddenly be forced to change their lifestyle based on the decisions of others.


-We live our lives one step at a time. From finishing high school, graduating from college to landing a job, we are constantly looking for life-long goals that we can be proud of. Owning a house is one of the monumental goals and a testament of our achievement and moving forward in life and family. The first home will give you the leverage in your financial equity to jumpstart you in purchasing a better house later on.

This article is brought to by AKPK in cooperation with REHDA Malaysia dan REHDA Institute.

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