Climbing base camp is often a bucket list, but not many get a chance to check it off the list.

However, it came to our surprise to receive indeed a piece of great news that left us in awe right after knowing a 6-year-old little girl namely, Jacquelin Kaur will be attempting to become the youngest Malaysian to scale the World's Highest Base Camp (Everest Base Camp in Nepal) at an altitude of 5364 metres.

That sounds ah-mazing, right?

According to her mother, Melinder Kaur - who is fondly known as a former national athlete, ex-military officer, and also Five national record holder, her daughter will be flying to Nepal on 8th September 2023 and starting her hiking on the following day (9th of September) and is expected to reach the World Highest Base Camp 5 days later, which is on the (13th of September). She will then continue her descent and is anticipated to complete her hike on the 16th of September 2023.

From supporting and training her for this once-in-a-lifetime expedition, she is undergoing training with her mother, who is a former national athlete and ex-military officer, ensuring that she is well-prepared for the challenging journey.

Having said that, the writer would define Jacquelin's parents' encouragement and belief in her abilities to demonstrate the importance of understanding and nurturing a child's talents and passions. Indeed, they can serve as role models for other parents, showing how providing the right support and guidance can help a child pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Undertaking such an expedition at a young age is a remarkable feat, and it also reflects the spirit of adventure and exploration that can inspire others to dream big and push their boundaries. We wish Jacquelin Kaur the best of luck on her journey to become the youngest Malaysian to scale the Everest Base Camp.