In the aftermath of the disturbing gangrape incident involving a Spanish woman on a motorcycle tour in Dumka, Jharkhand, the state's Deputy Commissioner, A Dodde, presented a compensation cheque of Rs 10 lakh to the survivor's husband.

The couple, who were camping around 300 km from Ranchi, the state capital, shared their sentiments in a post, praising India as a remarkable country worth visiting, despite its complexities. The survivors highlighted receiving "absurd comments" suggesting they brought the situation upon themselves by visiting India, vehemently refuting such victim-blaming notions.

Expressing solidarity with victims globally, the couple emphasized that sexual violence is a pervasive issue transcending border. They urged for justice not only for themselves but for all women who have faced similar trauma. The survivors affirmed their resilience, refusing to succumb to fear, and called for an end to the culture of silence and victim-blaming.

“The point is that a rape or a robbery can happen to you, to your brother, to your mother, to your daughter, to anyone. No one is free from that, in any country in the world. It has happened in Spain, many times. It has happened all over the world… There are violations in all countries in Spain, Brazil, America… So don’t talk nonsense that it’s because we are in India,” they said.

The authorities have arrested three suspects, with ongoing efforts to apprehend the remaining four accused. The survivors' powerful message underscores the need for collective efforts to ensure the safety and justice of women in the face of such appalling crimes.

Source / Image Credit: EditorJi, OdishBhaskar