Astro is arranging Astro X Pasanga Penalty Kick Tournaments to reward Astro Pay TV customers for their loyal support.

Check out the entry to the upcoming contest. Eligible Contestants are required to:

Contest Period:

You might submit the entries from 11th July till 31st July 2024, 11:59 PM.

Meanwhile, the actual contest on ground will take place on 3rd Aug 2024 at Andalas Sport Complex. With that, the organiser will announce the winners after contest period on the Organiser’s mobile application: My Astro.

Exclusive prizes await you guys!

The winning entries will receive the prizes as per below:

1st Prize – RM5,000 with Medal

2nd Prize – RM2,500 with Medal

3rd Prize – RM1,500 with Medal

4th Prize – RM1,000 with Medal

Read the Basic Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notice and Standard Terms of the contest. Terms and conditions apply.