In a landmark moment for the chess world, the dynamic siblings, R Praggnanandhaa and Vaishali, have etched their names into chess history, becoming the first brother-sister pair to achieve the esteemed title of Grandmaster.

Noteworthy Achievements:

Praggnanandhaa's Triumph: Securing his ticket to Toronto through an exceptional performance in the #FIDEWorldCup, Praggnanandhaa clinched the silver medal, solidifying his position as one of the world's top junior players.

Vaishali's Success: Months later, Vaishali earned her spot in the Women's Candidates by winning the Women's #FIDEGrandSwiss with remarkable prowess. A noteworthy fact is her securing the spot with a round to spare.

2023 Milestones:

Vaishali's Grandmaster Journey: In 2023, Vaishali fulfilled all the requirements for a grandmaster norm, playing an impressive 113 classical games, gaining 56 rating points, and currently holding the #14 spot in the world women's rankings.

Praggnanandhaa's Stellar Performance: Playing 85 games, gaining 59 rating points, and holding a rating of 2743, Praggnanandhaa stands at #13 in the world, tied with Vincent Keymer as the world's top junior players.

Historic Grandmaster Titles:

Praggnanandhaa's Early Feat: Notably, Praggnanandhaa secured his Grandmaster title in 2018 at the age of 12, setting a record as the second-youngest Grandmaster in history. Vaishali's recent accomplishment adds a unique chapter to their family's legacy in the chess arena.

Journey to Grandmaster Glory:

Vaishali's Triumph at 22 - Vaishali's prowess manifested in defeating Turkish FM Tamer Tarik Selbes, elevating her FIDE ratings beyond 2500. Her stellar tournament performance solidifies her standing as the third woman from India to attain the Grandmaster title, joining the ranks of Koneru Humpy and Harika Dronavalli.

Family Legacy - The family's chess legacy is shaped by the exceptional achievements of Vaishali and Praggnanandhaa. Their rare, rousing story captivates chess enthusiasts and writers alike, showcasing a family-driven mission for excellence in the world of chess.

A Family-Run Chess Excellence Mission:

The logistical and travel aspects are adeptly handled by father Rameshbabu, while Mother Nagalakshmi provides steadfast support, accompanying both children through extensive tournaments worldwide.Vaishali manages both their social media accounts, and Praggnanandhaa often seeks her assistance in responding to emails. Their collaborative efforts portray a familial commitment to chess excellence.

Growing up winning age-group tournaments together, recent victories at the Olympiad and Asian Games highlight their synchronized success. Their joint journey, now heading to the biggest tournament of their lives, captivates chess enthusiasts, writers, and a curious global audience alike.

Source / Image Credit : , SheThePeople