In an official announcement, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has introduced a new series of number plates in Kelantan, characterised by the distinctive prefix 'DEY'. Malaysians will have the opportunity to participate in the bidding process for these unique plates starting from February 12 until February 16, with the announcement of winning bids scheduled for February 17.

The revelation gained considerable attention on social media, particularly on Facebook, where the news went viral on February 1. Many Malaysians found the number plate series noteworthy, drawing humour from its phonetic resemblance to a common Tamil phrase used to attract someone's attention.

The post generated lively engagement, with some individuals even incorporating gifs of local businessman S Kanagarajah. He had gained popularity a few years ago for a video capturing his presence during temple riots in USJ 25.

We just couldn't deny the fact that the 'DEY' number plate series has sparked interest and amusement among the public, further adding a unique and culturally resonant dimension to the initiative

Source : The Star / SAYS / JPJ Facebook Page