It’s so amazing to see how Malaysian filmmakers are making a name for themselves and others on international platforms. From Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s awards to the current talented directors emerging on the horizon, Malaysians are rocking it out there.

And, now our very renowned Malaysian Tamil film director/actor - Kathir Raven’s feature film bearing the title, Kanneera is making waves in the international arena even before hitting the theatres.

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From bagging a plethora of awards to shining on the international stage, this isn’t an easy journey for the makers of Puthiya Payanam & Paakaati Po for sure. A story by Kausalya Nawaratnam, the music scores are left in the capable hands of Hari Maaran and Poketplay Films are the Malaysian distributors for this much-anticipated flick.

Let’s take a look at the accolades that they’ve received to date:

Indo-Singapore International Film Festival 2023:
Athvikvaruni International Film Festival 2023
Uruvatti International Film Festival 2023
Makizhmitran International Film Festival
The film depicts the journey of (Mithran) a successful young entrepreneur and the CEO of his company, who becomes fond of his new staff, Neera. Meanwhile, Neera’s boyfriend, Arun loses his job as a pilot and becomes depressed and helpless. His critical situation leaves Arun dejected and hence, this develops friction between Neera and Arun. Things get even more complicated when Mithran decides to let go of his current relationship with Srisha and reveals his interest in Neera.

On the other hand, Neera slowly diverts and gets into a dilemma about whether to proceed with her wedding as she isn’t keen to live abroad away from her beloved family as Arun insists she settle down abroad due to his new job. This leads to confusion and further friction between Neera and Arun where the situation starts favoring Mithran.

Catch a glimpse of trailer here:

Featuring Kathir Raven S, Maya Glammy, Nanthakumar-NKR, Chandhine Kaur, Tamil Silven Krishnan, Koghilan Ravi, Saravanan Devesh, Hena Saana, Tinagaran, Sugar Suganthi, Tresa, Arunachalam, Karthik, and many others, the air of anticipation over the movie has been high.

With that, Kanneera is set to hit cinemas nationwide on the 27th of July 2023. Mark your calendars!

Congratulations Kathir and the entire crew on this wonderful achievement!

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