Kanniesh Theeran Kannigeswaran, a 12-year-old young lad from Rawang, Selangor, has achieved great success in the international arena. He participated in the "Never Such Innocence" international speech competition and secured second place in the age 11-14 category.

His thought-provoking speech on the topic "What does war mean to you?" drew accolades from notable figures like UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Watch the full video here:

"Never Such Innocence" is a London-based charity that initially began as a project to commemorate World War I. Over time, it has evolved into a platform that allows young people from around the world to express their thoughts on historical conflicts and their societal impacts. The competition attracts participants from 125 countries and encompasses various categories, including artwork, poems, speeches, and songs, with each category corresponding to different age groups. The first-place winner in Kanniesh's category hails from the United States.

Having said that, Kanniesh has been actively participating in international competitions alongside his sister Shaindavy since the beginning of the pandemic. With ample free time during the lockdown, they entered over 100 competitions in 2020 alone. Their remarkable achievements include winning first place in the US-based Wildlife Forever art competition for three consecutive years.

In 2021, Kanniesh Theeran was selected as the International 1st place winner in the K-Grade 3 category of the 2021 State-Fish Art Contest. Moreover, the young kiddo along with two of his classmates, received awards for their creation of an ayurvedic air cooler made from scrap metals. This innovation was presented at the 2nd International Research Invention, Innovation, and Exhibition event last year.

Kanniesh's accomplishments at such a young age are commendable and reflect his talent, dedication, and passion for participating in various fields. It will be interesting to see what he achieves in the future as he continues to explore his potential and make a positive impact.

Congratulations on the well-deserved accolades, Kanniesh Theeran. May you go on to reach greater heights in the future.

Image Credit / Source: FMT , NeverSuch