Have you ever wondered about the extraordinary powers possessed by Karungali's powerful beads?

The Miracle tree - Karungali (Ebony)

Karungali, commonly known as Ebony, stands as a testament to Mother Nature's astonishing capabilities. In the realm of natural wonders, this tree manifests healing properties that resonate with both mental and physical well-being. Nature, an orchestrator of intricate processes, offers a plethora of medicinal trees and herbs, and Karungali stands out as an exemplar of this natural pharmacy.

Trees, the lifeblood of the Earth's oxygen cycle, play an indispensable role in sustaining human life. Karungali trees, in particular, hold immense power to purify the atmosphere by filtering impurities.

Who can wear Karungali malai?

Suitable for both men and women seeking spiritual connections. This sacred garland serves a multifaceted purpose—it is ideal for meditation, mantra chanting, and can also be offered as a divine adornment for idols of deities.

How to wear Karungali malai?

Following the worship of one's preferred deity or Kula Deivam, the Malai is ritually prepared for adorning. The process begins with cleansing the Malai, immersing it first in raw milk, followed by a thorough rinse in pure water. Right after drying, it is essential before gently wiping it with a clean cloth, preparing it for its sacred role in spiritual practices.

What mustn’t you do while wearing Karungali malai?a. During Consumption of Non-Vegetarian Food: Temporarily remove the Malai while consuming non-vegetarian food. Once removed, it can be worn again after a gap of 8 to 10 hours following a head bath.

b. Funeral or Death: It is respectful to remove the Malai during funerals or in the presence of the deceased. After this period, it can be worn again post a head bath, signifying a fresh start in its usage."

5 Methods of finding original Karungali Malai

Method 1: Testing Authenticity through Water Soaking

1. Soaking the Karungali Malai in water for 24 hours.

2. Authentic Karungali Malai releases its essence, darkening the water.

3. Lack of color change in the water indicates counterfeit Malai.

Method 2: Reliable Source of Purchase

Consider procuring Karungali Malai from established and reputable sellers such as Mayura Spiritual Store. Reputed vendors specializing in rare woods prioritize authenticity and garner positive customer reviews.

Method 3: Expert Consultation

If uncertain about the Malai's authenticity, seek guidance from experts in the field, enhancing confidence in your purchase.

Method 4: Detailed Examination of Wood Properties

During the assessment, carefully observe the features of the Karungali Malai. Genuine Malai possesses a deep, uniform black hue, a polished and smooth surface, substantial weight, and a distinct grain pattern. Natural imperfections may enhance its allure. In contrast, counterfeit Malai may display inconsistencies in color, texture, or weight.

Method 5: Educate yourself by gaining some knowledge from Priests

Prior to acquisition, conduct thorough research to familiarise yourself with Karungali Malai's attributes, qualities, and origins. Acquire knowledge regarding different wood types, their visual characteristics, and how to discern genuine Karungali Malai. This knowledge will enable an informed choice and shield against counterfeit products.

Speaking about the benefits of wearing Karungali malai, take a look at it:

- Shield yourself from infectious diseases by adorning the Karungali malai.
- Neutralize doshas and negative energies.
- Experience harmony at home and in the workplace by using it to rectify vastu problems.
- Build your dream home without hindrances by incorporating a piece of Karungali wood during construction.
- Students can enhance their memory power with the empowering Karungali Malai.
- Embrace the power of Karungali Maala Silver and manifest your desires with its remarkable abilities.

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