Aging is inevitable, and unfortunately, we see the first effects of aging on our skin and hair. As people become more self-conscious about their appearance with age, the beauty and health industries have invested millions of dollars in research to make anti-aging treatments and discover the next superfood to include in all of your meals.

However, some Indian scientists are tracing back in time and gathering insight from Vedic literature on how 'Kaya Kalpa' might be the answer to slowing physical degradation due to aging. The term 'Kaya Kalpa' is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, with 'Kaya' referring to the body and 'Kalpa' referring to transformation or transmutation.

Vaidya Priyanka, a US-based holistic Ayurvedic professional, believes that Kaya Kalpa is a wisdom tradition of rejuvenation that follows 'specific dietary, exercise, and breathing regimens to improve vitality of all our organs and systems.' Kaya Kalpa, in a nutshell, is an ancient practice for total body rejuvenation.

In an interview with the New Indian Express, Vaidya claimed, "It is possible to reverse physical degeneration by addressing the aging process at a cellular level and literally renew cellular biochemistry to bestow the body with luminous health."

Kaya Kalpa is also being scientifically confirmed at the lab of Dr. Keshav K Singh, a US scientist of Indian ancestry and a professor of genetics, pathology, and environmental health at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

According to Hindustan Times, Dr. Keshav has demonstrated that protecting and boosting the function of the mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, makes wrinkles disappear and restores hair growth. He believes that the research will lead to the development of an elixir of eternal youth.

What are your thoughts on Kaya Kalpa's practices? Let us know if you would like to read more about Kaya Kalpa and its principles.

Source: New Indian Express, Hindustan Times & Kayakalpa
Photo Credit: Only My Health & Occult Speak