Quarter Final 1 of Big Stage Tamil Season 2 witnessed electrifying performances and insightful critiques from the esteemed panel of judges. Let's delve into the highlights:

Chaaruhasne ignited the stage with a captivating rendition of 'Rahathulla,' impressing the judges in Round One. While her voice suited the song well, the judges advised her to enhance clarity and pitching for further improvement.

Nishadevi mesmerized the audience with 'Oyayiye,' although Yugen suggested controlling the vibrato in 'Poove Vai Pesumbothu' due to the song's complexity.

Nehsan's rendition of 'Nenjukkul Peithidum' showcased his talent, despite occasional pitching issues noted by Preetha. Yugen encouraged him to maintain a relaxed demeanor.

Ramya's performance of 'Enadhuyire' received compliments for her effort, with Yugen recommending a focus on dynamics for future performances.

Yassaskaran's rendition of 'Anjala' earned praise from Dr. Burn, despite pronunciation challenges, while Yugen deemed him worthy of advancing to the semi-finals.

Shirley's rendition of 'Unakenna' prompted Yugen to advise her on grooving to the song and ensuring note accuracy.

Ruhan's performance of 'Kadhal Konjam' was commended for delivering a satisfying rendition of the challenging song, with suggestions to infuse more cinematic emotions.

Berma's soulful rendition of 'Oru Nadhi' received appreciation from Preetha, although pitching issues were noted. Yugen acknowledged the slight tempo drag but overall satisfaction with her performance.

Here you go scoreboard of Quarter Final 1. There’s no denying that all the contestants have given their best.

Best wishes Nishadevi and Ramya for your future endeavours! Congratulations to other contestants for being selected to the next round.