Have you ever dreamed of visiting the city of love, but taking a 17-hour flight to Paris just don't seem enough for an adventure-junkie like you?

Traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Europe is even possible via land. Yes, you can take trains and busses all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Paris via Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia and Germany.

If you have ample of time, sufficient savings and the desire to experience a once in a lifetime adventure, here's how you can make your trip to Paris from Kuala Lumpur as one of the best trip of your life!

The below-mentioned bus and train fare might vary according to the provider and the season. You can check the bus and train schedules online and make all the necessary arrangements prior to departing from your destination.

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Bangkok (Thailand)

If you're travelling from Kuala Lumpur, then your starting point is KL Sentral. Since there are no direct train from KL to Bangkok, take a train from KL Sentral to Padang Besar, Perlis which will cost about RM120. The journey will take about 5.5 hours.

Then hop on the next train to Bangkok which will cost about RM160. It's better to take a sleeper coach as the journey from Padang Besar to Bangkok alone will take about 17 hours and do not miss the amazing view along the journey.

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Bangkok(Thailand) to Siam Reap (Cambodia)

Once you have reached Bangkok, you can easily take a bus to Siam Reap, Cambodia. The bus journey will take about 9 hours and it will cost approximately RM120 for the bus fare.

Alternately, you can also take a bus to Phnom Penh if you wish to visit the place before continuing your journey Europe.

Siam Reap (Cambodia) to Hanoi (Vietnam)

There are no train routes between Cambodia and Vietnam and there are no bus services directly from Siam Reap to Hanoi.

So, the best option is to hop on a bus which will take you on a 16-hour journey to Ho Chi Minh City. This route will cost you about RM94.

After you're done sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City, take a train to Hanoi. The train travel in Vietnam is quite comfortable with serene mountain views along the way. The 1 day 8-hour journey will cost approximately RM260 or more.

Hanoi (Vietnam) to Beijing (China)

There are only 2 direct trains per week to travel from Hanoi to Beijing which cost about RM1,400. Don't worry if you didn't manage to catch the direct train. You can take a van to Nanning instead, which will cost you about RM175 for a 9-hour journey.

The train route from Nanning to Beijing will take almost a day, 23 hours and traveling in the sleeper coach will cost you about RM350.

Please remember to get your China Visa before you travel. It will cost about RM100 or more.

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Beijing (China) to Moscow (Russia) - Via Trans-Siberian Railway

If you're an avid backpacker, traveling in the Trans-Siberian Railway will be a dream come true. This journey will take you on a 7-day 6-night journey across the continent of Asia to Europe.

When buying the tickets online, you can choose the route which pass through Mongolia or Manchuria. Make sure you buy the tickets 2 weeks prior to the departure. The Russian visa will cost about RM36O for Malaysians, and you might be denied entry into the train if you failed to obtain it before departing.

You can choose between a first-class cabin (twin sharing) or second-class cabin (quadruple sharing), and the ticket price for the second class begin from approximately RM2,300.

Ensure you have sufficient cash in hand for the 7 days journey before you get on-board for meals. And once your incredible journey begins, just sit back and enjoy!

You will be detached from the rest of the world for 7 days without internet and it's definitely a great way to rejuvenate.

It is indeed incredible to pass through 7-time zones in a single journey.

Moscow (Russia) to Paris (France)

Once you have reached Moscow, you can take a direct train to France, which will travel via Germany and Strasbourg. The ticket will cost between RM880 to RM1,600 and the journey will take about 1 day and 11 hours.

And that's how you travel half of the world by land!

*Article original publishing date: Feb 2019.


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