Nizha Periaswamy

A yoga practice will never be complete without the 10 or 15 minutes of savasana or corpose pose. The pose is held at the end of a session, whereby students will be asked to lay down on their back, with their eyes closed, and arms stretched out to the side. The palms will be facing up, the feet relaxed on the sides, the legs stretched straight down parallel to the hips, and the mind fully relaxed.

Though it looks like a simple pose, achieving the Savasana is actually the hardest, as it requires completely surrendering to the universe and keeping your mind and thoughts calm.

Physically, our muscles puts in the least effort when we lie down, and to be firmly grounded can feel nurturing.

Mentally however, we might encounter fluctuations of thoughts that can prevent us from deeply relaxing our mind.

Savasana teaches its practitioners to gather their thoughts, let go of thinking, keep their mind calm, and focus on their inner self, and revitalize one's inner self.

Beginner students may fall asleep during savasana, but later realize it as a state of relaxation and keep the mind conscious during the practice.

Now let's look at what Savasana can do to your body, mind and soul.

Complete relaxation

After carrying out a series of asanas, Savasana can be a big treat to practitioners! It is a great way to relax and rejuvenate the body, and is a system to relax specific parts of the body.

Improve mind power

Resting quietly and breathing deeply makes our nervous system alert and wakes up our nervous system. A deep relaxation session will increase the level of focus and the ability to concentrate.

Explore inner-self

Savasana helps to channel energy inward to restore and revitalize the actively working mind and body. This provides an opportunity to explore the art of gaining mastery over external influences. It also promotes spiritual awakening and awareness of higher consciousness.

Improve health condition

If you encounter health conditions such as fatigue and headaches, stress and mild depression, savasana helps to relieve them. While you relax your breath, the practice lowers the blood pressure, triggers the parasympathetic nervous system and increases blood flow to all organs of the body. This helps to nourish whole bodily system.

Cure sleep disorder

Many people complain about their sleeping pattern. Lack of sleep can cause many damages to one's health. Savasana is one way to combat sleep disorder. A series of asana practices will increase the blood circulation and simulate the nervous system. Performing the savasana at the end of a practice session helps the body remove stress and gives positive energy to the whole body. This energy translates into a good deep sleep.

Savasana a unique practice that allows the practitioners to appreciate the weight of everything that we have; and for a moment lay that weight to rest. Once it is over, we are left refreshed and energetic.

Nizha Periaswamy is a yoga instructor and freelance writer.

Photo source: Jenani Udayakumaran