In the highly anticipated Heat 3 of Big Stage Tamil Season 2, the stage was graced by the presence of the esteemed special judge, Yugendran Vasudevan, setting the tone for a night of exceptional talent and fierce competition.

The opening act by Nisha Devi marked the beginning of an enthralling night, as she delivered a spellbinding performance of the song 'Kulicha Kuthalam,' showcasing not only her vocal dexterity but also her ability to command the stage.

Spotlight on Nehsan Selvaraj as he takes us on an emotional journey with his mesmerizing rendition of 'Malare Mounama.' His powerful vocals and heartfelt delivery left us in awe and brought a whole new dimension to the song.

The judges, including Yugendran Vasudevan, provided insightful critiques, offering constructive feedback to help each contestant enhance their skills and elevate their performances.

Ramya brought her A-game, but it was met with mixed reviews from the judges. Preetha felt a lack of involvement and flow in her performance, while Yugendran advised her to practice the 'sangathi' more. But it was Dr. Burn's critique caught Ramya off guard, as he felt she couldn't maintain the dynamics throughout the whole performance. Tough feedback, but Ramya knows that it's all part of the journey towards perfection.

Stay tuned to see how she takes this feedback and rises above it in her next performance!

Shirley's performance garnered praise for her commendable facial expressions, while Piraveen injected energy and flair into the competition with his spirited rendition of 'Athangara Maramey.'

As the heat approached its ending, Lakshman took the stage, delivering a nostalgic and soulful rendition of the timeless melody 'Ilaya Nila.’ Well, who could get over from this evergreen song?

Congratulations to those who have progressed to the next stage, and best wishes for their future endeavours.