More studies are proving an important fact in childhood development- language is essential in developing numerous basic skills in a child's life.

According to the study conducted by the University of Washington, language is an important factor in ensuring future academic and social success.

The researchers were trying to determine the predictor of a child's success later in life. They followed the lives of more than 1200 children and tracked their progress from kindergarten to primary school (age 10) in terms of their academic and social skills. What they found was that language came out as the "hand's-down winner".

Amy Pace, who was part of the research team, said "A lot of other research focuses on math, science, and literacy, and they don't even consider that language could be playing a role. But really, it emerges as a strong predictor across subject areas. Why do kids succeed in math, for example? Part of it could be having a strong math vocabulary."

From the skills evaluated - social, emotional, attention, reading, maths and language; they found that only language was a reliable predictor of a child's overall success. The reading ability of a kindergartener predicted their reading, maths and language skills in subsequent years.

"People often confuse language with literacy," Pace said. "Reading skills include the ability to decode letter and sound combinations to pronounce words, and to comprehend word meanings and contexts."

"Language is the ability to deploy those words and use complex syntax and grammar to communicate in speech and writing. And that's why it has such potential to affect other areas of development."

Photo Source: Deccan chronicle