Ever wanted to leave the 9-5 life and venture into entrepreneurship? Or are you already your own boss, who could do with some entrepreneurship tips?

If you ticked on either of the boxes, you can definitely benefit from the Gear Up: From Worker to Boss Via the SME Life, free webinar on Dec 15, at 8pm.

The webinar, the third in the series, is jointly brought to you by RAAGA, Astro Ulagam and Astro Awani Astro AWANI | LINC.

These are some of the speakers who will be imparting valuable knowledge to the participants:

Speaker 1 : SAILAJAH – Founder of Total Beauty For You
“Sailajah is not a name, it's a brand.”

Sailajah started out as a small skincare company, but has since evolved into a multi-million ringgit empire with three successful branches in the main cities in Malaysia. The company looks to give back to the society by encouraging men and women alike to empower and upgrade themselves by joining Sailajah's reseller team. Sailajah's currently has hundreds of resellers who have seen their financial status and quality of life improve. During the session, Sailajah will share how he built her business empire.

Speaker 2 : Gobalan Visuvanathan, General Manager of Everrest Shine Sdn Bhd

Gobalan's life motto is ‘Nothing is more important than having an honest and sincere mind’ in everything he does. His expertise spans from customers satisfaction to sales and marketing, as well as designs. He has also served various roles in hospitality since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in International Hospitality Management (Hons). Gobalan will talk about business process that fits the market practice

Speaker 3 : Kausalya Gopal, Director of the Economics and Policy Division, SME Corporation Malaysia

Kausalya Gopal is currently the Director of the Economics and Policy Division of SME Corporation Malaysia. Her main task is to formulate strategies, as well provide strategic foresight leadership in SME development. She was also entrusted to implement programmes that promote balanced growth in SME development through equal access and opportunities for B40 entrepreneurs, women, microenterprises & startups. Being an expert in matters related to SME, Kausalya will be sharing with us details on Malaysian business rules, types of SMEs in the maket, and how to benefit from the SME Corporation.

The webinar will be moderated by RAAGA announcer Uthaya.

If you are interested to join the webinar, register at https://www.linc.astroawani.com/worker-to-boss-via-the-sme-life.