The month of Ramadan this time is celebrated with joy and is one of the most anticipated times for all Malaysians. The state of Selangor, which has 9 districts, offers a variety of Ramadan bazaars that provide a selection of food and delicacies as well as a convenient bazaar site to visit. It is also the choice of domestic and foreign tourists to taste the local food that is part of the identity and uniqueness of the state of Selangor. It surely will excite you with the variety of dishes available!

If you're looking for a place to break your fast during Ramadan, look no further! Here are 7 bazaars in Selangor where you can get a variety of iftar dishes.

Perkarangan Stadium Shah Alam Ramadan Bazaar

With plenty of parking space and a wide Ramadan bazaar area, the Shah Alam Stadium Ramadan Bazaar is the main choice that is renowned by the residents of Shah Alam. With a various selection of iftar dishes such as sotong bakar boroi, ayam madu and sata, they have been the popular demand in this bazaar! For those who crave Mediterrenean cuisine, Mandy Rice by top chef, Chef Ammar is also available here in a long queue each Ramadan!

USJ 4, Subang Jaya Ramadan Bazaar

For those living in the Subang area, the Ramadan Bazaar at USJ 4 is a must-visit bazaar. Open as early as 3.00 pm, as many as 160 stalls in this bazaar provide a variety of fasting month dishes every year, such as briyani rice, mango ice cream float and martabak. Located next to SMK USJ 4, the Ramadan Bazaar USJ 4 is very easy to identify since it is easily seen from the roadside..

Padang Perbandaran, Petaling Jaya Ramadan Bazaar

Located next to MPAJ Town Hall, this Ramadan bazaar is one of the focal areas in Petaling Jaya. With a wide pedestrian area, visitors can find iftar dishes even in the late afternoon! There are various delicacies at the 114 stalls offered here such as gearbox soup, Tawau honey chicken wings, kuih peneram and akok.

Taman Sri Andalas, Klang Ramadan Bazaar

One of the most awaited Ramadan bazaars by the Klang’s residents, this Taman Sri Andalas Ramadan Bazaar is one of the bazaars that has been established in the Klang area every time the month of Ramadan approaches. Grilled tongmo, ayam percik and various types of kebabs are also available here. Definitely one of the bazaars you can visit to get a mouth-watering dishes to break the fast!

PKNS, Shah Alam Ramadan Bazaar

Located just next to the PKNS building, this Ramadan bazaar is one of the most visited bazaars as early as 3pm. Each stall sells flavourful dishes that are in high demand and are very popular, such as popiah basah, daging salai masak lemak, nasi kerabu tumis, lamb kebabs and many more! Visitors can park their vehicles in nearby buildings such as Plaza Shah Alam or at PKNS as well.

Jalan SS6/1, Kelana Jaya Ramadan Bazaar

The Ramadan Bazaar in Kelana Jaya Section 6 is one of the main bazaars, especially for students from Universiti Malaya and MAHSA. Located in front of Jaya One, this bazaar offers reasonable prices to visitors with a total of 197 stalls here. A variety of unique dishes here such as a selection of unique drinks like air kasturi asam boi, ayam percik and karipap gergasi. The bazaar also offers international cuisines such as sushi, pizza, pasta, and Korean fried chicken.

LOTUS, Kuala Selangor Ramadan Bazaar

Located in front of Kuala Selangor’s Lotus branch, this bazaar gathers interesting iftar dishes that can only be found in the month of Ramadan such as Roti John, tepung pelita and ayam golek. You can also get traditional Javanese food such as Nasi Ambeng and Pecal. Visitors are advised to visit this bazaar as early as 3pm since this bazaar is one of the bazaars that are quite crowded with visitors throughout the month of Ramadan!

Ramadan bazaar is one of the cultures that are very significant among Malaysians and this is the best time for us to support local small businesses. For more tourism inspiration to Selangor, visit Tourism Selangor's official website,, or follow Tourism Selangor's official social media account; Selangor Tourism's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube channels. #PusingSelangorDulu