In a heart-warming revelation, Thangah Koh, aged 72, and Fatimah Mohidin, aged 71, lifelong best friends in Singapore, recently discovered an extraordinary connection—they are biological siblings adopted by different families.

The inseparable duo, having played together since childhood and often mistaken for sisters due to their striking resemblance, unveiled the truth when Thangah, adopted by an Indian family, learned during the identity card registration that she was born to a Chinese couple. Initially hesitant to confront her parents, she later discovered that her birth father revealed Fatimah, adopted by a Malay-Muslim family, was her biological sister.

"My biological siblings are all loving and respectful, and our bond got closer as we got older. My brothers call me their Indian sister, and Fatimah their Malay sister," The Straits Times quoted Thangah as saying.

The decision for their adoption was rooted in financial constraints and astrological beliefs. Astrologers advised their birth parents to give them away to avert potential ill fortune based on astrological predictions. Thangah and Fatimah were adopted by separate families due to these concerns.

Despite the circumstances, the reunion has been a joyous one, with Thangah and Fatimah celebrating festivals with their biological family, forging strong bonds with their newfound relatives. Through an emotional journey, this heart-warming narrative showcases the unbreakable bond of family, surpassing the obstacles of adoption and highlighting the timeless nature of human connections.

Source / Image Credit : The Straits Times