"My Life, my Rules!"

That's the motto Lingeswarry Apparao, fondly known as Linda Rao, follows in her life. As a child, Linda was diagnosed with Nemaline Rod Myopathy, which confines her to a wheelchair and requires her to be accompanied by a breathing machine at all times.

Recently, Linda did a beautiful photoshoot as an Indian bride with photographer Vinoth Raj Pillai. The series of powerful photos showcases her inner beauty, strong will and resilience to face any challenge that comes her way. Take a look at the photos here:

LOVELY LINDA Linda was diagnosed with Nemaline myopathy at a very young age. It's a rare disorder that weakens the muscles. But in Linda's case, not her spirit. . Spearheaded by Vithya, we were inspired to show Linda how beautiful she would look as a bride and decided to do this styled shoot. This was also the first time Linda's mum saw her daughter in a saree. . Little did we know that this would be a smile, forever etched in our hearts. . For the best viewing experience, play the song by Leon Bridges - Beyond from 0.20 onwards. . Bride @linda_rao3 Hair, makeup, styling @vithyahairandmakeup Photography yours truly Saree and Blouse @pattushastra Jewellery @desirec.my

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Born in Teluk Intan and raised in Petaling Jaya, Linda is a source of inspiration for many. When she was 11, her parents were told she wouldn't live past the age of 16. Devastated at first, they never gave up. But despite the gloomy predictions of medical experts, Linda survived and, this year, celebrated her 21st birthday.

She told Humans of KL that every day 'she is blessed that she is still alive because any time, any condition can be the last for her'.

"I believe in sticking together in any situation so we can achieve anything easily. Although living with Nemaline Rod Myopathy, giving up will never be an option," Linda posted on her Instagram.

“This is the first time I’m letting someone take a picture of me in my wheelchair. It’s not that I’m ashamed of it. I’m just tired of people judging me and asking me the same questions over and over again. It’s bad enough that people look at me like I’m not human. But it gets really frustrating when they say stupid things like how I shouldn’t be studying and how I should just stay at home and do nothing. It doesn’t mean that I’m incapable just because I’m in a wheelchair. I know that I have limitations, but I have dreams too. I want to graduate from university, have a career and earn money. I want to be able to buy a house and take care of my family. I know that it’s not going to be easy, but I’m hoping that I’ll live long enough to make my dreams come true." . . . . . ?: @chris07lim #truecomplexion #nemalinerodmyopathy #scoliosis #progressivealveolarhypoventilationsyndrome #scoliosisawareness #wheelchairlife #wheelchairgirl #inyourownskin #teamself #beingyou #portraits #makeportrais #mystory #thisisme

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Nemaline Rod Myopathy affects skeletal muscles the body uses for movement, causing muscle weakness throughout the body which can worsen over time. Despite the challenges she faces due to the disorder, Linda continues to pursue her dreams.

According to her interview with True Complexion, she was 'rejected by schools a few times and had to take a 2-year break to start college as none would accept her'. Accompanied by her mother, Padithalammah Themudu, Linda is now pursuing a Diploma in Management at a local university.

In a world where beauty is mostly perceived to be skin deep, Linda faces a lot of negativity from haters. Some call her ugly and others ask her to stop studying.

To all of them, Linda has a simple reply:

Thank you for your love and support. Who haters pls continue hate me so that I will succeed more in future. You guys always commenting, talk back of me and taking advantages of my physical appearance. Thank you haters for always concern about me whether I'm will survive or not and bring out teribble questions( why are studying?, what use of studying?, why are you still alive) at every stages of my lifes . Oh yes, I'm a disabled girl for more than 15 years (is that my fault) but it's doesn't mean I'm not strong enough to against you people and nothing is differences between us apart of physical differences and appearances. Succesfully survived for 20 years.Oh yes, I'm still alive with all your questions asked for haters. Thanks to my besties @mercylinda_ and @gauts_ for always with me. Thanks to my parents who always be there no matter what happens in my life's. Thanks to my cousins also always helping me out from any kind of situation. Thank you for your birthday wishes. With love, Linges ? #disabled#girl#nofilter # happywithme #stayawayhaters#nemalinerodmypothy#nemalinerodmyopathy

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We are so proud of you Linda and keep rocking. Your determination and positive outlook in life are truly inspiring!

Model: Linda Rao
Hair, makeup, styling: Vithya Hair and Makeup
Photography: Vinoth Raj Pillai
Saree and Blouse: Pattu Shastra
Jewellery: Desirec MY

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