Hayan Abdulla may be only nine, but he can certainly cook his way into people's hearts.

The nine-year-old Class 3 student of Sherwood Hall Senior Secondary School in Chennai recently entered both the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records, by whipping up 172 dishes in just one hour!

The impressive feat, performed in Feroke in Kozhikode, Kerala last Thursday(Feb 18), saw Hayan cooking up various types of salads, pancakes, briyanis, munchies, dosas, and juices, among other delicacies.

According to Hayan's mother Rasha Abdulla, his interest in cooking began when he was just four, when he helped her around the kitchen.

The fact that the family runs a chain if restaurants in Chennai further deepened his love for cooking.

"My family noticed that I cook fast. Then I thought why not work on it and be different.

"For the past one week, I have been recording the time of my cooking. There were no special preparations for the competition," Hayan was quoted telling the New Indian Express.

Hayan, who aspires to become a pilot, and also set up a pasta bar, runs his own YouTube channel called Hayan Delicacy, where he details the making of various dishes in three languages - English, Malayalam, and Tamil.

After this impressive feat, Hayan is next looking to securing a place in the Guiness Book of Records.

Such a talented boy indeed! Here's wishing all the very best for him to excel further in the future, and earn his rightful place in the Guiness Book of Records!

Source: New Indian Express, Edexlive