Reaching the remarkable milestone of 16 years, M Sasikumar's iconic film, "Subramaniapuram," indeed a special to its enduring legacy in Tamil cinema. The acclaimed director recently shared reflections on the film's journey, emphasising the dedication invested in its creation and its evolution over the years.

"When I embarked on creating a film, my foremost objective was to uphold the legacy of my mentors, directors Bala and Ameer, whom I had assisted. I aimed to craft a movie that not only respected their reputation but also deviated from conventional norms. Breaking stereotypes associated with rowdy characters, I sought to infuse realism into the narrative while incorporating commercial and cinematic elements. 'Subramaniapuram' was conceived with this vision," Sasikumar revealed in a conversation with Galatta Plus.

The director further delved into the creative process, envisioning the legendary Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan in the pivotal roles of Paraman (played by Sasikumar) and Azhagar (Jai).

"As I penned the script, I envisioned the characters' attitudes and, during that process, incorporated features reminiscent of Kamal Haasan into Azhagar, emphasizing the love angle with vibrant and colorful costumes for Jai. In contrast, I styliSed Paraman with a step-cut hairstyle and checked shirts, drawing inspiration from Rajinikanth's appearance during that era.

While not necessarily aiming for the actors to portray these roles, I assigned these features to enhance the characters' depth and impact," Sasikumar reflected on the film's meticulous character development.

Source / Image Credit: TimesofIndia, OTTPlay